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Security Command Center

This is the upper level of an integrated security system based on the ESM (Electronika Security Manager) software package. ESM collects information from security subsystems, processes it, identifies connection between different events and reflects it in a convenient form. ESM helps making correct decisions and assumes most of the operator’s responsibilities.

Areas of use

Sports and Entertainment
Sports and Entertainment
Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas
The Government
The Government


Centralized control of all security subsystems at a facility.
Automatic response to incidents.
Real-time control over the situation: early detection and expeditious elimination of threats.
Reducing the negative impact of the human factor.


The ESM security control station is the upper level of the integrated security system. In this solution all security subsystems form one integrated whole: information from them is collected and processed, which helps identifying connection between different events, and then reflecting this information in a required form. ESM helps making correct decisions and assumes most of the operator’s responsibilities.

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Structure of the solution

The solution has a double-level structure:

First level:

Provided on this level is the integration of individual security systems, the storage of databases, control over the entire system and its liaison with the enterprise resource planning (ERP).

ESM managing server.

Performs the functions of storing information about the system configuration and the data amassed and processed in the process of the security system operation.

Automated workstations (AWS):

  • checkpoint;
  • badge room;
  • watch officer;
  • shift foreman;
  • and others.

Second level.

The level of individual systems implies CCTV and video analysis, access control, security alarm and alert systems, perimeter engineering security, etc. The given level comprises:

  • Computers (servers) for backing the systems performing the functions of equipment control, storing information about the configuration of systems, processing and storing information about the system operations.
  • AWS systems.
  • Controllers and peripheral devices.


Software part of the solution:

  • The core of the ESM software package (Basic, Professional or Enterprise)
  • Equipment hookup licenses\ACS software
  • Equipment hookup licenses \CCTV software
  • Badge (pass) requests subsystem hookup licenses
  • Equipment hookup licenses \Perimeter protection system software
  • Equipment hookup licenses \TCD software
  • Equipment hookup licenses \SFA software


*The final makeup depends on the tasks set.

Purpose of the solution

This is your solution if:

  • It is necessary to comply with the transport legislation requirements.
  • You want to have the situation under control across the entire facility: promptly receiving a signal, assessing the seriousness of a threat, choosing counteraction scenarios, obtaining and analyzing the results of an incident and assessing the effectiveness of measures taken.
  • You need real-time information on the level of security at a facility.

Backbone of the solution

PSIM-platform for ESM (Electronika Security Manager) security control

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