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ACS: Integrated solution

The access control system is an integrated solution allowing the automation of access for people and transportation vehicles to the territory of an enterprise.

Areas of use

Sports and Entertainment
Sports and Entertainment
Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas
The Government
The Government


The solution does not restrict the flight of fantasy in developing the ACS algorithms.
If you succeed in drawing a data-flow diagram of the transport gateway operation, no doubt it will be put into real practice.


  • Taking into account staff crews, specialists, visitors and motor transport in the territory and retaining the history of vehicular and pedestrian traffic;
  • Delimiting the zones and access time of registered transportation vehicles;
  • Authorized access of personnel and transport to a secured facility (territory and premises);
  • Working time control, the possibility of labor organization using flexible and gliding shifts.
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Structure of the solution

  • Electronic gate houses;
  • Automatic vehicular passage;
  • Badge room AWS;
  • Information collection and processing system ESM (Electronika Security Manager);
  • ACS (automated control system) integration module.

Functional specifics

  • Integrated database of individuals and transport for the entire facility (or a network of branches);
  • Networked operation of checkpoints (including remote ones) with data synchronization, control over the movement of employees and visitors over the facility;
  • Global anti-passback control;
  • Delimiting the level of access to various premises of facilities, earmarking special regime zones;
  • Inbound/outbound freights control using thermal imaging technologies;
  • Biometric access control;
  • Integrated analysis of data across the entire facility (or a branch network);
  • Automation of office work processes for badge (pass) issue / withdrawal;
  • Interaction and exchange of data between access control and automatic control systems for monitoring the production discipline and expeditious top-level decision-making.

Purpose of the solution

Control and managing the process of access of people, transport and other objects to buildings, individual premises (groups of premises) and territories

Backbone of the solution

Softweare with open code Electronika Security Manager (ESM) and controllers PCE, DC, ELAR.

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