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Transport checkpoint

A turnkey solution for maximum automation of the security service operations related to the passing of motor transport, drivers and passengers through the checkpoint in accordance with the access mode.

Areas of use

Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas


Logging automation;
Increasing the checkpoint capacity;
Delivering clear and credible information on the work of the system and actions of security guards, as regards the access of motor transport.


  • Authorized access of people and transport to different facilities and zones;
  • The release of information to photo verification AWS of the checkpoint and the centralized security post about any attempts at unauthorized access;
  • Transmitting information about events and conditions of technical facilities to the control system;
  • Exhaustive logging of the ACS operation.
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Structure of the solution

Hardware part

  • Blocking controllable devices (turnpikes, boom barriers, roadblocks, gates, electro-driven locks);
  • Indicator devices (traffic lights, RTPI, warning lamps);
  • Sensors;
  • Devices for entering identification characteristics (readout devices or scanners);
  • Access cards;
  • Controllers and control consoles (including touch ones);
  • AWS of the photo verification and centralized guard station at local posts;
  • AWS of the badge room.

Software part

  • The core of the ESM software package (Basic, Professional or Enterprise)
  • Equipment hookup licenses\ACS software
  • Equipment hookup licenses \CCTV software
  • Badge (pass) requests subsystem hookup licenses

*The final structure is formed, proceeding from objectives.



  1. Simultaneous use of automobile identification using RHID marks (cards) and vehicle plate numbers recognition means;
  2. Automatic photographing of an automobile and entering the photo into the database;
  3. Visual informing of drivers on the checkpoint operation regimes and essential actions using LED displays (flashing lines);
  4. Recording the real fact of an auto, driver and passengers crossing the checkpoint;
  5. The possibility of dividing motor transport and drivers into categories with various access algorithms tuned up for them;
  6. Personification of all system control actions;
  7. Forming integrated events.

Purpose of the solution

This is your solution if:

  • You need to ensure high throughput capacity of motor transport checkpoints.
  • It is necessary to comply with legal requirements.
  • You need to know the number of automobiles that actually entered the territory, rather than just applied a card to the readout device.
  • If the information about who drove in and at what time, who performed the inspection, who opened the clamp, what was taken out of the territory, whether it was done lawfully or not – must be timely and transparent.
  • If you are not sure of the credibility of events fixed by a security guard using his pen and paper.

Backbone of the solution

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