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Sheremetyevo refueling complex

  • Located in the territory of Sheremetyevo international airport.
  • Renders the services of aircraft safekeeping and refueling with jet fuel, unloading fuels from aircraft systems as well as providing aero oils, lubricants and special liquids.


  • The concept of uninterrupted business operations at Sheremetyevo Refueling Complex is presented.
  • A complex of integrated security systems based on ESM software is built, including:
    • an ESM-based information collection and processing system with monitoring of remote facilities;
    • a perimeter security engineering system based on Tantal, Anchar and other devices;
    • video surveillance system “Intellect”;
    • perimeter and territory lighting subsystem;
    • vehicle license plate identification and traffic control subsystem based on ELAR, PCE and other devices;
    • ESM-based access control system and PCE controllers with an apportioned badge room;
    • fire and security alarm subsystem based on Rubezh-08 (SIGMA-IS) and S-2000 (Bolid) devices;
    • network infrastructure and mechanisms of interaction with a corporate information network.

Advantages for the customer

  • A higher level of security automation and effectiveness;
  • Suppression of attempted thefts of materials valuables;
  • Forestalling breakdowns in the technological process;
  • Tightening the labor discipline of personnel due to implementation of modern equipment and protection systems, video surveillance and access control;
  • Compliance with the requirements of different laws (FL-16, FL-256 and respective resolutions of the government) and of the parent Company for ensuring the security at the enterprise and creating a high level protection system.


  • Integration of Mobotix video cameras in ESM to record video images in the depository and view video images from Mobotix cameras at ESM AWS;
  • Apportioned badge room, integrating three facilities.


  • Outfitting of the Sheremetyevo refueling complex with a distributed security system, integrating three remote facilities: Central fueling station (CFS), Base petrol installation BBH, Fuel and lubricant warehouse BH-1

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