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Sochi International Airport


Management company: Bazel Aero, LLC

Included in the top ten leading Russian airports in terms of passenger traffic at inland airlines;

Base airport of Sochi Olympics 2014;

3,000,000 passengers a year;

A dramatic surge of the daily passenger traffic during the Olympic Games.


  • Developing the airport protection model (2011);
  • Developing the airport transport security management concept (2011);
  • Development, design and implementation of the airport transport security management system that implies:
    • integration with the existing security systems of the passenger terminal,
    • access control by using pedestrian and motor transport checkpoints,
    • video surveillance and analytics,
    • alert and alarm at a number of airport facilities,
    • information collection and processing as well as incident management,
    • unified dispatch center of the airport transport security,
    • integration with the perimeter CCTV and security system,
    • integration with security systems of the VIP terminal, VIP lounge and terminal fingers (gates),
    • access control systems at transport and pedestrian checkpoints along the perimeter;
    • personnel labor time record keeping.

Advantages for the customer

  • Creating a centralized security management system: from threat detection to its elimination;
  • Organizing a threat early detection and elimination system;
  • Independence from specific manufacturers;
  • Real-time analysis of events using aggregated data from all security subsystems;
  • Human factor minimization; higher manageability and transparency of the facility for the management;
  • 24/7 on-site transparency.


  • The project of creating airport transport security encompassed all facilities and territories of the airport;
  • More than 10 up-to-date technologies are used in the integrated solution: video surveillance and analytics (XProtect Milestone), biometric control of access to strict-regime zones using the facial 3D model (Broadway-3D, ArtecGroup) and fingerprints (Biosmart, Prosoft systems), electronic badge room, automation of service regulations, scenario-based situational management (ESM software, Electronika) and other solutions;
  • All legislative requirements are met, including the management of security levels, biometrics and video analytics.


  • Conformity of the security system to the new stipulations of the aviation, transport and anti-terrorism security law;
  • A sustainably high level of protection and security due to an integrated approach to security management and a centralized incident management system;
  • Real-time transparency and manageability for the airport management due to systemic application of innovative technologies and human factor minimization means.

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