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KINEF, Oil Refinery

  • Biggest oil refinery in Russia’s North-Western region, located in the city of Kirishi, Leningrad region;
  • Management company: Surgutneftegaz, Plc
  • Refined crude volume: 17.3m tons/year;
  • Perimeter of the enterprise: 14 km;
  • Number of checkpoints: 16.


Delivery of complex perimeter security systems, including:

  • Perimeter intruder alarm systems; for the purpose of effective perimeter protection a double-frontier solution is used with 3 types of detecting (sensing) devices: on the main fencing, auxiliary fencing and on the sections without auxiliary fencing;
  • Perimeter security CCTV; functionality: real-time visual control of the perimeter; tracking of moving objects; archival video recording (4 regimes of response to signals from detecting devices); integration with intruder alarm facilities: automatic readout of images from video cameras on alert displays in response to alarm from the perimeter;
  • Access control system;
  • Local computing network;
  • Hot links;
  • Security lighting control;
  • Power equipment;
  • Information collection and processing.

Advantages for the customer

The integration of all subsystems provides:

  • an integrated facility control interface: from equipment tune-up and configuring to addressing the problems of the regime control service;
  • integrated database and information exchange protocols for all subsystems;
  • subsystems following preset scenarios and signals obtained from each other;
  • advanced event analysis and archive keeping means;
  • flexible division of access rights and powers between users for the system control.



  • Expeditious detection of attempts to penetrate the secured territory and to get out this territory, bypassing the checkpoints;
  • Creating obstacles for the transfer (throwing) of objects over the fencing;
  • Detecting the moving of objects inside the prohibited areas;
  • Real-time visual control of the perimeter;
  • Expeditious liaison between the perimeter sections and the operator of the unified regime service dispatch center;
  • The possibility of the complex expansion and integration into the unified security system of the refinery.

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